Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Thrill of Victory ...

... and the agony of da feet. (ba-dump! Thank you, I'll be here all weekend.)

Moscow had it's own version of the high heel race today, sponsored by Glamour magazine (video on the link). Russia Blog has earlier blogged on the topic of the St. Petersburg race. Naturally, anything that St. Petersburg can do, Moscow can do better. From the Associated Press story:
Russian women proved on Saturday that they can do what no man in the world can: running a 100-metre race in 9 cm (3.5 inches) high heel shoes.

The new sports competition, "The High-Heel Race" was held this year in five Russian cities between July 16-28.

Last year, over 200 women took part in the first sprint race in Moscow, Petersburg, Yekaterinburg (the Urals) and Novosibirsk.

The race was such a success that the Russian edition of Glamour magazine decided to support it and turn it into an annual event.

"Generally our
women are very fond of heels, make-up, hair-dos, minis and whatever in order to present themselves," said Anna Rykova, a fashion expert.

"On one hand it is not good because their attire is not an everyday one. On the other hand, (this style) attracts foreign men because our women are always looking good - from morning until night," she added.

Oksana, one of the high heel racers, said Russian girls were per
manently competing.

"Our girls are dressing better than girls abroad and they are paying more attention to what they wear. Everyday for them is like a beauty contest."

The winners of each race get cash certificates of 100,000 roubles ($4,000) to spend in the city's shopping malls.
More photos of the contest, from Glamour magazine

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