Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Tale of Two Tales

CIS peacekeeping forces: Georgian policemen immobilized Russian serviceman and poured liquor in his mouth
The CIS Collective Peacekeeping Forces (CPF) Command in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone expressed resolute protest regarding provocative actions of Zugdidi Criminal Police officers towards servicemen of the CIS CPF.

As Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Diordiyev told REGNUM, last night, Georgian policemen detained two Russian servicemen, Andrei Kutsyi and Maksim Korenev, near a mobile check-point #307 and convoyed them to the regional police department. After Andrei Kutsyi refused to fulfill the claim to hand over his arms, the Georgian police officers knocked Kutsyi off his feet and forcefully poured liquor into his mouth. After that, both servicemen were convoyed to police station.

The CPF insists that actions of the Georgian policemen were pre-planned, as the detention of the Russian soldiers was recorded on video. “The peacekeepers once again showed restraint and patience and did not yield to the blunt provocation. They were at the police station until Commander of the CIS CPF South Security Zone Col. Andrei Belov arrived to the station. The Georgian side tried to present the act of handing over the servicemen as an act of good will,” Diordiyev said.

At the same time, the commander noted that the CIS CPF were resolute to continue fulfilling their duties in full correspondence with the mandate and not yield to provocations staged by people interested in it.

And the story of the same incident, from RIA Novosti (via RussiaNews.net)

Georgia releases two detained Russian peacekeepers
Tbilisi (Georgia), July 10 (RIA Novosti) Two Russian peacekeepers detained Monday night in Georgia have been released and handed over to their peacekeeping headquarters, media reported Tuesday.

Georgia's Rustavi-2 television channel reported that on Monday night two Russian peacekeepers blocked a highway connecting the eastern and western parts of the country near the city of Zugdidi, West Georgia, to conduct inspections of drivers' documents.

A Georgian police patrol force arrived at the scene later to unblock the road and detain the peacekeepers.

A spokesman for the local administration said the peacekeepers stopped a car carrying Irakli Daraseliya, a member of the Georgian parliament, threatening him with their weapons and demanding his documents.

'Besides officers of the Georgian patrol police, UN military observers arrived at the scene as well and were witnesses to the illegal actions of the peacekeepers,' he said.

The spokesman added: 'Both Russian peacekeepers were handed over Monday night to a representative of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces. Georgian police also returned their confiscated weapons. A criminal case on charges of abuse of power has been launched.'

Russian troops are stationed in the region as part of the trilateral Collective Peacekeeping Forces, which also involve Georgian and Ossetian soldiers. They were deployed in South Ossetia in the early 1990s to ensure the implementation of ceasefire agreements after the conflict, but Georgia's West-leaning authorities have sought their expulsion since coming to power in 2004.

Ok. Forcefully poured liquor down his mouth?

Or was Kutsyi questioned by his superior about the smell of alcohol on his breath, and he replied "The dirty Georgian police poured liquor down my throat when I refused to submit my weapon, Colonel!".

I leave readers to form their own opinion about what exactly happened.

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