Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Political Compass and How Democrat/Republican Are You?

I had started this post on my LJ, but decided it was an interesting topic here as well. First is the Political Compass test. My result is below:

The political compass test is set up as follows:

And famous political figures would be mapped out, as shown:

Yep, me and Gandhi ... we're tight.

And then we have, How Democrat/Republican are you (2 different quizes). It seems like an appropriate quiz after the elections. Here are my results ... if you're curious, give it a shot yourself.

You Are 48% Democrat

You aren't a full fledged Democrat yet, but it's likely the party that fits you best.
You probably consider yourself an independent Democrat. You usually support the party, but you also think for yourself!

You Are 8% Republican

If you have anything in common with the Republican party, it's by sheer chance.
You're a staunch liberal, and nothing is going to change that!

To be quite honest, I was surprised by some of the so-called "Republican" questions. Both sets of questions were overly simplistic, but the Republican questions are worse. I thought these tests were more biased towards liberal test scores. To me, the Political Compass test was more interesting.


jasonh said...

That Republican test was definitely written by someone who leans heavily to the left. I consider myself to be a pretty conservative republican, and I only got a 52% rating, which according to the description given, means that I am somewhat of a independent.

You could tell that the person who wrote the test doesn't understand how the right side of the aisle thinks. I would say that that test says more about the guy who wrote it than it does about anyone who takes it.

Anonymous said...

Here is mine.

W. Shedd said...

Yes, I thought the same thing about the Republican questions. It was obvious to me that the author was biased against the G.O.P.

Geeez Sean ... you even out Ghandi'd me!

'Thought & Humor' said...

I'm 0% Democrat & 72% GOP. Is there any hope for me??? Wait, maybe I get my political worldview from The Book rather than one of my profs who wanted me to think like him rather than for myself...

Merry Christmas,
Dr. Howdy

W. Shedd said...

Ironic. So you think as the authors of "The Book" wish you to think, instead of even listening or considering the ideas of a modern educator? I think you presume too much in suggesting those who don't agree with you somehow haven't been thinking for themselves. It is hugely ironic considering your world view is apparently skewed by an ancient tome. I expect you aren't too fond of others whose world view is skewed by other ancient tomes (Quran comes to mind).

Considering The Bible has been used to support every idea ranging from Mother Theresa to Adolf Hitler, I find little comfort in it and tend to formulate my own thoughts based upon daily reality. I prefer to err on the side of kindness than on the side of hatred. I tend to recall that "The Book" had some helpful suggestions in that regard.

ReluctantMuscovite said...

Funny, I turned out to be a staunch conservative AND liberal at the same time. Which may actually be true... A liberal conservative (but on the Republican test I was a liberal, on the Democrat test I was a conservative). Go figure.

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