Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Map of Borat in Kazakhstan by Aardvark Map

Map of Borat Sagdiyev in Kazakhstan by Aardvark Map

Yep, people are actually using the Sasha Baron Cohen character Borat of Kazakhstan to demonstrate their mapping program/plug-in/doohickee. The map below supposedly shows all the places in Kazakhstan that Borat has visited.

The film, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan opens in 2 days, but it seems the world can hardly contain itself for the goofiness to come.

Of course, the real joke is on the people in the film, who don't realize that the character is an outrageous joke.

Katja, having being born in Almaty and lived the first 11 years of her life there, is actually quite excited to see this film. Of course, when my buddy Jim the limo driver was recently driving Nazarbayev to Kennebunkport to meet Bush the First, she was also excited to get Nazarbayev's autograph. I'm pretty sure we'll catch it this opening weekend. Maybe I'll have a chance to post a movie review as well.


ilyich said...

Am I to understand that Cohen actually references REAL locales in Kazakhstan, even though he makes up all the cultural aspects of his "homeland"? Then why the nonsensical cyrillic writing on the map I saw in the Borat clip? Surely he could have made up silly sounding names for places in Kazakhstan to add to the humor. Or am I misunderstanding this post?

W. Shedd said...

It is a good question. I had the same thought, and then realized as I looked at the map that Aardvark Map just made up some locations, some mentioned by Borat, others not, and placed them on a map of Kazakhstan.

Blair Sheridan said...


Where's Katya live/go to school? I ask only because my wife was also born there, as were my kids.

She greq up in Koktem-1, while my kids are growing up on Seifullina/Satpaeva.

I'm off there tomorrow for a family reunion, before they all come back to Kiev with me.


W. Shedd said...

When her family lived in Almaty, they were on Satpaeva. She still has family in Kazakhstan, of course.

Luxury Travel said...

Almaty is a real place in Kazakhstan and that Aardvark Map demo pinpoints it accurately.

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