Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lena River Delta from Space

Earth from Space | Smithsonian Institution | Lena River Delta

Just a quick note - this is cool as hell. Clicking the above link allows you to zoom in with great detail to the image of the Lena River Delta (as well as other natural and man-made features).

The Lena River flows north for more than 2,800 miles (4,500 kilometers) through Russian Siberia to the Arctic Ocean. As the river enters the Laptev Sea, it divides into many channels to form a biologically rich delta. Such images help determine the extent of wetland vegetation.


TimanfayAir said...

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ilyich said...

Looking at the Lena R. delta -- I like to zoom in on this picture, the detail is quite impressive, it's one of those places on Google Earth that I wish i could "copy" and make as my desktop/wallpaper (I could I suppose, with a little work). It's like an abstract painting.

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