Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kyrgyzstan: Rally in Bishkek downtown goes on quietly

Rally at Bishkek central capital goes on. As a REGNUM correspondent was informed by director of Center on human rights protection ‘Kylym Shamy’ Aziza Abdirasulova, “the rally goes on quietly.” “Just the fact that policemen relax sleeping on lawns, smoking and playing cards, means something. Such peaceful coexistence is a good feature,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, according to one of policemen, they are not going to let the protesters pass to a fence of the House of government, as well as erect tents at the fence. “it is our place,” policemen of Police Special Forces troop stated.

Number of policemen in Ala-Too Square and in front of the ‘White House’ has not changed totaling about 2,000 persons. The crowd of protesters scans: “Kulov, Kulov.” As for Prime Minister Felix Kulov, according to certain information, he is going to go out to the protesters in the near future.
For those that require up-to-the-minute details of events in Bishkek, I refer you to Elena Skochilo, aka Morrire and her LiveJournal.

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