Monday, September 18, 2006

WWII German Soldier Photographs of the Russian Front (Великой войны)

Summit Photographics has a collection of approximately 2,500 photographs (mostly black and white) by German soldiers on the Russian Front. The images are contained within two albums on Webshots - Album One is located here and Album Two is located here.

There are also albums of German soldiers at the Russian front relics, including photo album covers and soldiers death cards. The images are copyrighted, but hopefully these few low-quality screen captures fall within the realm of "fair use", as the Accidental Russophile seeks only to promote these historical images. I should warn those that browse the collection, that not all of the images are as relatively innocent as these shown - it was a brutal and bloody war and this is reflected in many of the images, which I decided not to post.
Another interesting website, with photos made by correspondents on the Russian side of the war, is located on the Voice of Russia website. These images are far more graphic and horrific than those compiled by the German soldiers above. The photographs are still images from thousands of meters of film that were recorded and used, at least in part, in the documentary
"The Defeat of the Nazi Troops near Moscow", released in February 1942.


Mick Gordon said...

Fascinating - what an amazing archive.

Adi said...

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