Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Soviet Propaganda Posters from "English Russia" Blog

English Russia seems to have found their niche, becoming increasingly visual, with small commentary. Today they present the first of three parts showing old Soviet proganda posters regarding the USA. Whomever the poster is at English Russia, they certainly know how to come up with visually-interesting content.

Very large collection, showing a clear opinion regarding the USA playing with nuclear bombs, controlling Europe, destroying children and schools, and extracting oil/blood from the Middle East - generally threatening the world. Based on Levada opinion polls of Russians in the past year, this point of view is still prevelant within Russia today. I'll leave it to the reader to decide if this is a justified point of view or not.


La Russophobe said...

So let's see if I understand. When Americans propagandize Russians, the appropriate response is: "If you wish to know how long some Americans have been over-reacting while acting in a hateful and ignorant fashion, you can start with these cartoons from the late 19th century."

But when Russians propagandize Americans, the appropriate response is: "I'll leave it to the reader to decide if this is a justified point of view or not."

If that's accurate, then one must wonder why anyone, especially you, would live in the United States, or for that matter anyplace outside of Russia. One must wonder why America has a waiting list for entry, while Russia has one for exiting.

I guess it's OK for you to bash America, but not for me to bash Russia. If I do, I'm "hatemongering" but if you do then you are just teling the truth.


W. Shedd said...

You are so completely one-dimensional as to be a ridiculous parody of Russian critics. I'm beginning to think you are on Putin's payroll.

Nowhere in either post that you refer to, do I "bash" America or Russia. I leave that in your hands.

As an American, I feel that I have more of a right to be critical of the USAs history and behavior. Much of it is not defensible, just as much of the behavior of the former Soviet Union or Russia is not defensible. That is politics and history.

As for leaving opinions to the readers regarding these political posters of the former Soviet Union - If had to post my own response, I would say that the US and Europe have extracted oil (and blood) for profit from the Middle East. And no doubt, the USA has engaged in missle diplomacy in the past. I would say the Soviet Union did the same, along with some "tank diplomacy" in the Soviet bloc and other nations.

In the meantime, I have warned you once before to cool your rhetoric. You keep up with the insults, and you'll simply be banned from yet another blog. What are you up to now ... 4? There are probably more in your future.

Anonymous said...

Re: La Russophobe

No point in letting this idiot clutter your blog...

She's just trying to advertise her nonsense (she needs to because nobody actually reads that which she calls her "blog").

With one less place to post vitriolic comments, she may actually go out and get a job, or an education (which she sorely needs)... or, perhaps, therapy.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Wally posting an anonymous. You are big joke, wally. I only ready your blog for your stupid comments.

La Russophobe said...

WALLY: So, when you referred to Americans acting in a "hateful and ignorant fashion" that was a compliment? What would you have said if you wanted to INSULT Americans then?

Do you think it would upset me if you "banned" me from this blog? Do you think I'd cry myself to sleep at night for the rest of my life? Did your mommy tell you that your doo-doo was extra special when you were a little boy?

Did you ever ask yourself why you need to threaten censorship when criticized? Is it because you know your position can't be defended on its merits, or is it just your latent fondness for dictatorship?

Megan Case said...

Wally, do not feed the trolls. Your blog is interesting and well-written.

La Russophobe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
W. Shedd said...

You aren't a troll.

You're a hateful, slandering, lying, ignorant troll.

ilyich said...

I suppose it is good that you banned "russophobe"-- his name is telling: phobias are often illogical and based on problems deep in the psyche.

There is a weird combative strain in right-wing politics (certainly the far reaches of either right or left has this problem, but in this case I will address the right-wing, as that seems to be russophobes territory): the need to be a 'victim', to be under attack by perceived enemies, which means even honest and neutral comments are suddenly ANTI-your side. This is visible in the phrase "blame America first" used by right-wingers: if one honestly thinks America/The American Government did something wrong, and dares speak it, then suddenly that person has a bias against America. Which I guess means the American right-wing is the "never blame America, no matter what" party, or something.

Patriotism is odd. I recall a Jamaican I used to work with who would spout endlessly about how wonderful Jamaica was (which was curious, as he came to the US to work), he even insisted that if the US and Jamaica went to war (or Jamaica and ANY other country, for that matter) JAMAICA would win. (. . . yeah, RIGHT!, whatever mon!)

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