Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hit with the Ban-Hammer

The hateful little troll who goes by the moniker "La Russphobe" has been officially banned from this forum.

For the time being, this means I am moderating comments, so it might take a few hours or a day for users comments to appear. I apologize for any problems this might cause readers. I just don't see any reason to tolerate her rudeness any longer. It seems manners are something of a one-way street with this rather heinous individual.

It is unfortunate, but there is only so much insults and name-calling I can tolerate. I've engaged this person too much already, and I'm just not going to let such nonsense continue here. Her behavior is beyond childish. To date, she's been banned from at least 3 other forums, so it isn't exactly as though this is an unprecedented response to her defacement.


Megan Case said...

Even this post just gives her more attention than she deserves. Just delete her and ignore her.

Kosmonavtka said...

That woman needs serious help... :-/

Enjoy the blog, by the way! (Been visiting for a few months) :-)

Charles Ganske said...

The links and comment below explain in why we banned KZ from our site - but chose to leave his/her posts up - so we wouldn't be accused of lying or covering up anything.



We did not feel that responding to KZ in a post would have done any good, giving him/her the attention he/she so desperately craves.

Unlike Mr. Bronson/KZ/whoever he/she is, we use our real names and are accountable for what we right - if we get something wrong, anyone can call or email us and let us know.

Second, also unlike KZ, we don't assume that if it's printed in the New York Times (see Reuters fake but accurate photos from Lebanon) or the Wall Street Journal it must be gospel truth. We don't claim if you can't Google it, it must not exist or be fake. After all, I can't Google where Kim Zigfield went to college. Is he/she a Longhorn or a Buckeye? :)

Third, I enjoy most of the NYT and WSJ's articles on Russia and we have favorably cited many things that they have written on a wide variety of topics. We have also frequently cited Russia analysis from Carnegie, Heritage, AEI, etc.

Our goal with Russia Blog was for Americans to hear what the Russian press is actually saying - and we have succeeeded - this is why we have been picked up by Pajamas Media and Global Voices Online. In this age of the blogosphere, people are perfectly capable of making up their own minds, and our readers can also call us on it if we get something wrong.

But please...don't twist our words (Yuri admits...confess Russophile, confess! You're insane!), rip them out of context, say we don't fact check our posts (when what I said is that we do not have time to rebut every single reader comment) or claim that in 21st century Russia you can't get powdered sugar. Who is the ideological fanatic, who is making gross generalizations, and who is revealing the nuances, reporting both the good and the bad from Russia? I think fair minded readers have already answered that question.

Incidentally, while it is true that I have never been to Russia, I did study Soviet and modern European history at the University of Texas. One of my professors there was a staunch Cold Warrior who helped design hydrogen bombs and nuclear powered submarines - and was one of the original scientists (along with Edward Teller) to back SDI in the 1980s. I grew up with nuclear-alert SAC B-52 bombers from Carswell AFB flying over my hometown. Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope JP II are some of my heroes. I am hardly a candidate for "crazed Russophilia" or ignorant of Soviet or Cold War history. If Russia were really returning to the Evil Empire days, I would know it.

Finally, I am learning Russian rapidly here in Seattle and plan on heading to Moscow someday very soon - at my own expense.

Thanks for reading Russia Blog,
Charlie Ganske

Anonymous said...



Thanks for reading Russia Blog!
Charlie Ganske
(yes, that is my real name :)