Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gorbachev: "I should have been as tough as Putin"

"I should have been as tough as Putin"

Gorbachev is out promoting his ongoing book "In the Politburo of the Soviet Communist Party". Apparently he has been working on the book for 2 years. Its publication seems to be a strategy to revise history and make himself more relevant. At the very least, he wants to distance himself from Yeltsin, if not actually throw Yeltsin under the bus for the economic collapse that was to come in the 90s.
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said on Tuesday he supported tough measures taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin and wished he had adopted them. Gorbachev, whose political reforms led to the collapse of the communist empire, said he should have squashed the challenge from Boris Yeltsin, his arch-rival and subsequently first Russian president, by sending him into diplomatic exile. And he said separatist outbreaks that plagued his last years in power should have been crushed by taking their leaders to court.

"I have reviewed my values and made conclusions," Interfax news agency quoted the father of perestroika as saying during presentation of a new book "In the Politburo of the Soviet Communist Party". "I now support Putin as far as resorting to tough measures to maintain stability is concerned," he said.

"Yeltsin should have been sent away to a diplomatic post," he added. "Separatists should have been hit -- I mean confronted with criminal responsibility rather than attacked with machineguns."

Putin has described the collapse of the Soviet Union as "one of the greatest geo-political catastrophes of the 20th century".
As has been discussed elsewhere, Gorbachev has concerns about his legacy in Russian history and seems to be working very hard to explain or distance himself from the collapse of the CCCP. However, with economic recovery ongoing in Russia, it strikes me that fewer and fewer Russians care about what happened in the past and are looking towards the future.

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Atlantic965 said...

In 1991 The Soviet People voted to preserve the Union and the new Union treaty. Yeltsin and Co should have respected this and not broken the union. It was not Gorbachev's fault.Those 8 stupid coup plotters opened the gates of hell when they tried to take power. Gorbachev is still in denial that Marxist-Leninist ideology was proven a failure. The last great space project of the Soviet Union was the Buran Space Shuttle, which was supposed to be a product of the progress of Communism, The Buran's biggest claim to fame was it's ability to fly into space with no human (workers) aboard, and fly by it's own computers. So much for the future of the worker's state.