Friday, September 22, 2006

Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

Maybe many of you have already stumbled upon this website in the past, but I thought it was worth pointing out. Doppelgriff Press "the internet home of author and composer J.C. Lozos" hosts the Dead Russian Composer Personality Test - a short test that matches your personality with that of a dead Russian composer. It is an amusing little test, that at worst will teach you something (or make you curious) about Russian classical composers.

As it turns out I am Dmitri Shastakovich (Дмитрий Дмитриевич Шостакович) - a comparison I actually don't mind. He was OCD apparently - I could be OCD if I was more committed. And his birthday is, after all, only a few days after mine (different years - I'm not THAT old!).

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Mamuka Maghradze said...

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