Thursday, June 29, 2006

Московский Метрополитен - Another View of the Moscow Metropolitan

I am sure many readers are familiar with the wonderful Bee Flower's Moscow Metro photography. Those images present a very utopian version of the Moscow Metro. Let's not kid ourselves, it isn't a Metro that you will ever actually see yourself - the experience of the Metro is still very interesting and worthwhile, but it isn't the sterile and perfect image presented by Bee.

Some time ago, I stumbled upon another view of the Moscow Metropolitan. Maybe many Russian readers have already visited this behind-the-scenes view of the Metro. And perhaps it is a view that only a civil engineer could find interesting. None the less, I thought it was worth sharing. The livejournal blogger Russos (and friends, apparently) find ways to make photographs of tunnels under construction or behind the scenes. He makes a point to say that he won't answer questions about where his images are made, or what they specifically might show. He also adds that he doesn't have problems with the police (and he won't explain why) - but he does have problems with passengers who stick their nose into his business.

The following is just a small sample of his images ... I encourage interested readers to explore the rest of his website and livejournal.


Vilhelm Konnander said...

Dear Wally,

This is simply so cool!!! Thanks for bringing Russo's site to my attention!



varske said...

These are wonderful photos. The tunnel cross section reminds me of the beautiful engineering drawings for brick sewers in London in the Victorian engineering days. I once had a job involving inspecting a sewer and got to see them for that reason. I've no idea if there is any way to see them now.

Think said...

cool pix. i love the way they find unusual anchoring points to build absolutely incredible persepectives. i travel to russia and japan often for i love societies where nobody cares who you are while being literally squeezed next to you in public locations. moscow metro is no exclusion.

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