Monday, May 29, 2006

Over 1,200 children adopted in Russia dead since 1991

RIA Novosti - Russia - Over 1,200 children adopted in Russia dead since 1991

Taking time out from my Las Vegas honeymoon to write a short blurb on a news article that caught my eye this morning - an interesting addition to the Russian adoption story. While many Russians have been outraged at deaths and abuse of foreign adopted Russian children in recent years (especially by Americans) - Galina Semya is reporting via RIA Novosti that abuse of adopted children within Russia is at least as bad, if not worse. This appears to be a lightly reported topic for comparison, as it is just much easier to blame outsiders. It is a characteristic of human nature - but appears to be especially so within Russia these days.

A Moscow children's rights expert said Monday that 1,220 Russian children adopted by Russians had died since 1991, including 12 killed by their foster parents.

Galina Semya said that 116 cases of serious physical abuse had been registered in the same period, with 23 cases of serious physical abuse by foster parents.

Adoption has been in the political spotlight recently following a string of high-profile abuse cases involving Russian children adopted by foreigners that have prompted calls to tighten up regulation of adoption procedures.

"Since 1991, five children adopted by foreigners have been killed, and 16 have died in accidents," Semya said, adding that another 119 children had been returned to Russia.
A quick search for "галина семья" reveals that she works for "Дети-сироты" (Orphan Children) in Moscow. Her last name Sem'ya would appear to be an adopted name, as it means "family" in Russian.

Recent changes in Russian adoption laws will prohibit the independent adoption of Russian children, beginning in 2007. This would seem to be a reasonable measure and would require adoption agencies to be certified and regulated by the state. However, other articles have suggested that these organizations are no better at screening potential parents than via independent adoptions.


La Russophobe said...

Wally dear, not telling you how to run your blog or anything, and I certainly applaud the fact that this information appears on your blog, but if you report that Russians have murdered 12 children de jure and 1,220 children de facto even while attacking foreign countries for killing far smaller numbers of Russian children, shouldn't you place the blame somewhere? Isn't the president who has assumed vast dicatorial powers to be held specifically accountable? Aren't the cowardly, callous Russian people who have sat idly by while this rampage has continued, while it has been ignored by mainstream (state-controlled) Russian media, and while other countries have been scapegoated, to be held accountable? Because if they're not to be directly criticized, then how will such atrocities as this ever be ended?

Robert Nanders said...

Russophobe, I'm sorry, but I can't agree that Putin's the cause of all of Russia's problems. Nor are the people that easy to dismiss as cowardly. Don't take the problems of a few cities - Moscow, Peter, etc. as a barometer for the nation as a whole. If you're an American, how would you feel using Washington DC or Chicago homicide rates as a basis for international comparison?

Is there a problem? Absolutely. I'm not going to say there's an easy answer, but I will say there's definitely too great a desire to blame others than to acknowledge any problems domestically for the Russians.

La Russophobe said...

ROBERT: Who said anything about all Russia's problems? I only mentioned a very specific single one, and I never said HE should be blamed, I said SOMEBODY should and NOBODY is in Wally's piece.

The statistics at issue here are NATIONAL statistics, not limited to Moscow and Piter.

Russia's problemw with murder is FAR greater than America's, and since when is America the standard? Even if America HAD the same problem, since when to Russians agree they have to match America? Are they obligated to have televised presidential debates? Real political parties? Savage attacks on the president in the media like Bush in the New York Times? Please, spare me.

If nobody is blamed then nobody is asked to take responsibility, and nobody will.