Monday, May 01, 2006

‘Mission Accomplished’ By The Numbers

Think Progress - ‘Mission Accomplished’ By The Numbers

Only have a few moments at lunch today to post something, and I've chosen a topic that isn't about Russia at all. Still, I found this data from rather interesting and worth sharing.

May 1, 2003Today
U.S. Troops Wounded
U.S. Troops Killed
Size of U.S. Forces
Size of Iraqi Security Forces 7,000-9000
Number of Insurgents
Insurgent Attacks Per Day
Cost to U.S. Taxpayers$79 billion
$320 billion
Approval of Bush’s Handling of Iraq75%37%
% of Americans who Believe Iraq War “Worth Fighting”70%41%
Bush’s Overall Job Approval71%38%

I could launch into the tireless debate regarding US energy policy, "empire building", Peak Oil, and the like. I could even write about the unprecedented expansions and abuses of presidential powers under George W. Bush. There are a multitude of pundits and bloggers who already write about these topics daily. Such topics tend to only discuss the measurable costs of the war in Iraq and the attempt at nation building.

However, I believe the immeasurable costs are much higher. I am not sure the United States of America or the President of this nation will ever be viewed in the same light - as the "leader of the free world" ever again. And how does a nation regain credibility in the wake of false alarm (or possible outright deception)?

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