Saturday, April 08, 2006

Uncle Pasha Updated

Uncle Pasha's Russian Travel Services

One of the most interesting Russians and Russian travel services,
Uncle Pasha a.k.a. Paul Voytinsky is now able to provide Visa Invitation and Visa Registration services and has updated his page for the coming travel season.

Pasha has an apartment for rent in Moscow and a dacha in Staritsa in the Tver region with horse-riding. A real Russian country experience. Step off the pavement for a change and visit the Russian countryside.
For anyone who is genuinely interested in visiting and traveling in Russia - that is the REAL Russia, outside of the downtown circle of Moscow - I highly recommend Uncle Pasha's service. His website is also a genuinely interesting and slightly non-linear experience (as befitting the Russian soul) where part of the enjoyment is navigating the hidden corners, photos, commentary, and writing.

Pasha is also a vegetarian and he has section with helpful advice and recommendations for fellow vegetarians (I'm an omnivore myself but recognize others preferences and needs).

Lastly - if you are a high-maintenance person (you know who you are) I would like to kindly ask you to not trouble Паша Дяди. He is essentially a one-man show and he can't hope to compete with the 4-star service you can get at many Moscow hotels. But for any reasonable person who is self-motivated to travel in Russia - the sort of person who I believe reads this page and speaks or learns Russian - you should definitely consider his services when you need them.


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