Thursday, April 13, 2006

Intellectual Property Rights?


Well, I debated for a few moments whether I should post this link. However, I'm not recommending that you actually USE this service, unless you are going to download something like the Russki version of "The Nanny" TV show. I don't feel any guilt in you infringing on the intellectual property rights of a Russian situation comedy.

Kinozal has a rather extensive collection of bit torrent available movies for ... ahem ... viewing. I see they have Zhest and yep, "The Nanny" as well as 9 рота (9th Division), Солдаты 7 (Soldiers 7), as well as many other movies that would interest anyone who speaks Russian with a high-speed internet connection. I also noticed the 2006 Кривое зеркало ("Curved Mirror" - might be too literal a translation from me) New Years performance.

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Sean Guillory said...

I love the Russian "Nanny"!