Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Volodia Ilich Ulyanov

What's that? Did you hear something? Shhhh ... be quiet everyone, I think I hear something. He said ... he said ...

"Bury me already! What is wrong with you people?!"


Rachel said...

Aren't some Russians arguing about this? I am a self-names Russiphile myself and I travel there frequently..when I was there last, I believe the communists and 'reformers' were 'discussing' whether or not to finally bury the man...did you hear anything more? I heard a discussion about him being auctioned on eBay...

W. Shedd said...

Yes, there is a debate regarding whether to finally bury him or not. There has been no decision about it, however. That was the source for the light-hearted remarks.

Lyndon said...

I remember back in the '80's there was a song we sung in school on Il'ich's birthday - something like this:
Vsegda my pomnim Lenina
I dumaem o nem
I dnem ego rojdeniia
Schitaem luchshim dnem.

Will they bury him? I was talking with a Russian scholar last night who said he had a running bet with an American colleague involving what would happen first, Lenin's burial or the resurrection of the Dzerjinsky statue by Lubyanka. Who knows? Who cares?

By the way, I'm glad you've discovered "The Thief" (aka BOP), one of my favorite movies of all time.