Tuesday, April 25, 2006

14 Ethnic Hate Murders Committed in Russia in 4 Months

14 Ethnic Hate Murders Committed in Russia in 4 Months
Human rights activists are alarmed by the growth of nationalist hate crimes in Russia. Since the beginning of 2005, over 100 people have been attacked. 14 of them were killed and 92 injured, Interfax reported Tuesday.

“This year we have registered more than 100 attacks motivated by ethnic hatred,” the deputy head of Sova, a leading public opinion analysis centre, said.

“In these attacks, 92 people were injured and 14 killed,” Galina Kozhevnikova said.

Most nationalist crimes are committed in Moscow and St. Petersburg, she added.

“In Moscow alone nine people have been killed in attacks since the beginning of this year, and 35 have been beaten up. In St. Petersburg two people have died and 17 received injuries,” Kozhevnikova said

Before we Americans start riding our high-horse, we have the following statistics from Hate-Crime.net:

The most recent available hate crimes statistics compiled by the FBI are for the year 2003 antagonism toward a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, or physical or mental disability prompted crimes against 9,100 victims during 2003. Hate Crime Statistics, 2003, published by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, includes data aggregated from hate crime reports submitted by local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the Nation. The report documents 7,489 bias-motivated incidents, which include 8,715 separate offenses.

It is important to note that reporting by law enforcement is voluntary and it is widely believed that hate crimes are seriously under-reported.

Law enforcement agencies reported 5,517 offenses as crimes against persons, which accounted for 63.3 percent of reported hate crimes in 2003. Investigators determined that 3,139 offenses, 36.0 percent of reported hate crimes, were crimes against property. Fifty-nine offenses (0.7 percent) were crimes against society”. Racial bias motivated more than half (52.5 percent) of the 8,706 single-bias hate crime offenses reported in 2003. Religious bias and sexual orientation bias each accounted for 16.4 percent of all reported single-bias hate crimes reported. Ethnicity/national origin bias prompted 14.2 percent of offenses, and disability bias spurred 0.5 percent of bias-motivated offenses”. For the 2003 report, law enforcement identified 9,100 victims of 8,715 criminal offenses within 7,489 separate incidents”.

While we don't have comprehensive statistics for Russia, and the US population is twice the size of the Russian Federation - it is clear that hate crimes are not a strictly Russian phenomenon. About the most marked thing you can say about what is occuring in Russia, is the murder rate related to hate crimes appears to have climbed sharply. It also stands in strong contrast to a society that, in general, is not as violent as the United States. That is not to say that Russian crime is non-violent - it is simply that US crime is phenomenally violent.


RC Administrator said...

As far as I know there are 15 thousand murders commited each year in the US.

The Russian estimates flutuate wildly between 30 thousand and 140.

W. Shedd said...

Murder rates in the US have been as high as 24,700 (1991) and in 2004 were 16,137 - so 15,000 is approximately correct, although the US murder rate hasn't been below 15,000 since 1969.

The only murder rates I can find for Russia are 1990 when the rate was 15,000 (9.4 per 100,000) and 2000 when it was approximately 31,000(21.9 per 100,000) and 2002 when it was reported at about 25,500 (18.0 per 100,000).

Not sure where you are getting 140,000.

My point was, that the US has a staggeringly high murder rate when compared to Western Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. (those nations that we consider peers) and that making judgements about Russia's own crime problems should be viewed with that perspective.

La Russophobe said...

SHEDD: So you're saying that Russia has half as many people as America does and twice as many murders. That's four times the per capita murder rate.

And you're saying Europe's rate is much lower than America's.

And you think that should make us LESS harshly critical about killings in Russia? Lay off the samagon, dude.

But wait! I see! Yeah, you're right! People are getting way too upset about little dark-skinned students getting brutally murdered in Russia while the mass population looks the other way. Russians don't need to do anything about such murders until America's murder rate is lower than Europe's. After all, it's not like Russia has an image problem where the world thinks its a land of violent criminals or anything, right?

And it's not like the Canadians, Japanese or Europeans ever criticize US for our murder rate, right? And when they do, I'm sure YOU point out that Russia is much worse than we are, so they can't talk about us, RIGHT? So by all means we shouldn't say anything to the Russians.

That's evil stuff you're drinkin', fella. It'll kill ya if you don't watch out.

W. Shedd said...

Nope, not quite what I am saying. Or at least, not what I intended. I just think before American's begin clucking their tongues and talking in disgust about Russia's problems with violence and ethnic hatred, we would be well served to remember our own problems. Europe certain is having their share of ethnic problems and violence as well, as was clearly demonstrated in France in the past year.

But I probably expressed that badly. One of the traps of writing a blog is the need to write things instantly, when with a bit more time I might have put together the topic more clearly.