Monday, March 06, 2006

The View of the US from Russia - Levada February 2006

As part of Levada's near constant opinion polling of the Russian populace, the February 2006 results were posted on Friday March 3rd.

Various themes were explored in this latest polling, and you can read the original data in Russian (or in a machine-translated English version). Some of the more interesting summary data (to Americans) includes the following:

Forgive the crude machine translation, I did this as a screen capture to simplify it for myself. In general, Russian attitudes towards the US are still favorable, but definitely appear on the decline. As discussed in previous posts, this is in agreement with other research by others.

As I have seen elsewhere in Russian newspapers, there seems to be this general idea that the US is preparing to go to war with Iran in the near future - or that the US is a "threat" in the world.
I think most Americans would find this a surprising presumption - we don't see a coming war, despite comments by Iran and Venezuela. Also seems a bit contrary that 57% of Russians see the US as a threat to the world - but 52% have a generally favorable view of the US.

It is worth noting that opinion polls regarding Russian attitudes towards the EU are also generally in decline (but more favorable than opinions towards the United States).


michael said...

It's not only Russians that see an invasion of Iran as more than likely by the US. That view is pedalled by much of the British media and newspapers on a weekly basis at present. Hardly surprising then that many of my Scots friends see such an occurence as a foregone conclusion.

W. Shedd said...

Yes, after I wrote this ... I spent a few moments on google, to see who was writing about the topic. Many UK news articles.

I think even a select military strike by the US/Israel ... would be a real disaster at this time. I think Iran would just love an excuse to invade Iraq in order to attack US & UK forces there - they have hinted as much to UK forces in the south.

I just think the political situation here doesn't allow for the US to initiate such a move.