Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ukrainian Special Forces Failed to Take the Cake

Special Forces failed to arrest a cake (Crimea) - Russian News - REGNUM

Another news article in Regnum. Seems that the Crimean youth organization "Breakthrough" had a large cake, shaped like Ukraine, and colored yellow and light blue like the Ukrainian flag. The cake was to be part of a performance, with slices given to all in attendance, with the large Crimean portion to be presented to Acting Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko (his birthday was March 21st).

Apparently the groups bus was stopped by police and Special Forces enroute from Sevastopol to Simferopol, and an "arrest" of the cake was attempted ...
but the activists went out of the bus and carried the cake on their shoulders. When they entered Bakhchisaray region, they met local police with the same warning.

Currently, the fate of the cake is unknown. Other activists of Breakthrough and journalists are going to highway to “save” the cake. REGNUM will follow developments in its fate and keep our readers informed.

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