Sunday, March 26, 2006

Speaking of Soviet Literature - - Soviet Literature Summarized

"Works of Soviet Literature summarized for those unable or too lazy to read them in the original."

Speaking of Soviet Literature in the prior posting reminded me to call to your attention. It is sort of a chaotic Reader's Digest of Soviet-era writing, suitably disorganized as to seem authentic. They do have some complete translations also, as well as various cartoons, humor, and biographies.

Definitely a must-do website for the well-educated Russophile (and aren't we all?).


Casey said...

Going to pick up a copy of Victor Pelevin's newest release (due out March 28th, I think): _The Helmet of Horror_? He might not be Dostoevsky, but he's about the best we've got these days...

Seesaw said...

I found this site myself lately, you are right, one should spread a word about it.