Friday, March 24, 2006

Russian Woman Posing as Chechen Sniper as “Joke” Brutally Killed by Friends

Russian Woman Posing as Chechen Sniper as “Joke” Brutally Killed by Friends - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Chechens. Or even to joke about it, as it turns out.

I have to admit, it is a pretty sick thing for someone to joke about - but even more amazing is how quickly she was dispatched by her "friends"
Investigators established that Skoryatina’s story was nothing but drunken bravado. She had been short-sighted from early childhood and had never left her native town of Ulyanovsk for more than a week.

Saunin, who is a veteran of the Chechen war told investigators that on the day when the murder took place he had been telling his colleagues about the atrocities committed by Chechen terrorists. The victim started arguing with him and said that Chechens were fighting for their freedom.

“She said that [Chechen warlords] Maskhadov and Basayev were good people and at the end said that she had been a sniper with Chechen troops and taken out our boys,” Saunin told the investigators. “The light dimmed in my eyes as she said this and I thought — I must avenge them. I thought ”Skoryatina is not leaving this party alive“,” he added.

After everybody had left, Saunin, a guard at a factory, battered the woman and then put out her right eye, because it is used in shooting and cut off the index finger on her right hand — the finger used to pull the trigger, as well as the middle finger on her left hand as it is used in an obscene gesture after a good shot. “She cried and begged for mercy but I could not stop — the faces of our boys killed by Chechen snipers stood before my eyes,” the killer said.

He did not stop at that. The veteran then stripped the woman, shoved the fingers he’d cut off into her vagina and slit the victim’s throat.

Upon finishing the brutal murder, Saunin called his brother, they put the body into a bag with sawdust and buried it in the nearby garage block. Both brothers have been arrested and charged with murder. Saunin will undergo a psychiatric examination to test his sanity, investigators told the newspaper.
The foolish bravado of Skoryatina is very surprising - but her sadistic murder (as described here, sadistic might not even be a strong enough word) is even more shocking.

I was looking for some additional confirmation of this story, but it wasn't available in English. Later this evening I will do some browsing on Yandex in Russian to see if the details presented here are correct.


Casey said...

Sure seems like Dostoevsky could've made this into the quintessential Russian novel of the early 21st century, right?

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