Monday, March 20, 2006

Russian Free Running Video

What? You don't know what Free Running is? How about Parkour?

Well, seems that some French lunatic thought it was a great idea to throw his body up, down, over, under, through, around ... various urban obstacles. Imagine a flying monkey. Or Spiderman, without the web and perfectly sticky hands.


And people actually thought this was a good idea.

Anyway, it is interesting to watch such lunatics working without a net. Keep in mind the numerous falls, breaks, sprains, twists, bruises, abrasions, and other jarring injuries that must come before people get as good as this guy (and others). The landscape here is typical Russian/Eastern European (I believe the guy is actually in eastern Latvia). The video is fairly well put together, the various camera angles and shots and editing must have taken some planning. Note: From about 1:25 to 2:00 the video has some glitches .. fast forward it to the 2:00 mark for his most interesting stunts.


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