Monday, March 13, 2006

Reklama on Google Video

I've been playing around with keyword searches on Google video - general variations of words like Russia, Russki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. I'm just trying to find something interesting to discuss ... it paid off rather nicely on finding Pathé Frères' 1908 film travelogue, Moscow clad in snow (Moscou sous la neige), posted over the weekend.

Thanks to Snow-square for the details on that short film, by the way.

Finally, in a move that would make Good Konstantin of The Russian Marketing Blog proud - I seized upon the word, reklama! I present the following three ads for your amusement.

If only I had found these nice little bits of fantasy from Ardo in time for International Woman's Day. Seeing all these hard-bodied men serving the lovely woman's whim ... is like an idealized version of Woman's Day celebrations.

Next, the Chippendale dancers will come in to sweep and mop the floors ...

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