Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How spin the bottle sealed macho Putin's first kiss

How spin the bottle sealed macho Putin's first kiss:

Amusing little story that I came upon on Guardian website. It reminds me of a debate on the Wikipedia entry for Vladimir Putin, as to whether he is considered a "sex symbol" in Russia. Seemed some of the Russian contributors were offended by this discussion near the end of the Wiki-entry on VVP. I certainly had the impression that he was very much a pop-culture personality and even "sex symbol" so I was surprised by the objection. Even when I asked Katja about this ... she sort of chuckled and replied "oh he absolutely is a sex-symbol".

Certainly, you can't imagine an article about Bush playing spin the bottle for his first kiss. Then again, he was a well-known alcoholic and coke-head in his youth, so he probably has more outrageous stories to be told, than something rather sweet and innocent.
"She recalls waiting with him for a train late one night. 'Another girl would have been terrified. But not me. Vova feared no one, and with him I was not scared.'

Their relationship ended one evening when Vova cut her short when she was reminiscing. 'He turned to me strictly and said 'I remember what I need to [remember]'.' She did not like his manner and they split up."

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