Wednesday, March 22, 2006

“Don’t tell us whom to rely upon and whom to be friends with”

Uzbek President: “Don’t tell us whom to rely upon and whom to be friends with” - Russian News - REGNUM

Interesting article on Regnum regarding a joint press conference with Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan. Quotes from Karimov:
“I would like to say with full responsibility: don’t meddle in our affairs. If nobody puts his oar in our affairs, nothing will happen here,”

“Don’t tell us who to rely on and who to be friends with,”

“Nothing special will happen here. We will move in the way the whole world is moving. We want to live like Europe does, like all democratic countries do.”

“But your model of democracy, your values are not good for us. They are not good for us because we life in Uzbekistan, a country where 85% of people are Muslims. Our religion is Islam, our values are different from what we call western values.”

Speaking of information security, Karimov said: “Uzbekistan is now suffering from an information attack by many countries, I would not specify by who.”

“The Andijan events have shown who is who and how they are going to carry out their long-term geo-political and geo-strategic plans in the territory of Uzbekistan.”

“Shameless” was the only term Karimov found for this information attack. One example of this policy is the last WB report on Uzbekistan’s economic development.

“This document gives absolutely different figures: it says that our inflation is 31.8%, average wages $50, consumer basket $90, unemployment 20%. It’s on their conscience how they got that,”

“in its mid-term analysis of Uzbekistan’s economic development, the very authoritative — and quite unbiased — IMF commission reports 7% GDP growth in 2005, 7% inflation against 7.6% in 2004, 20% popular income growth in the last three years.”

“So, the implication of the WB is to allege an absolute crisis in Uzbekistan and a possibility of new Andijan,”

“The stability and security of our region depends on how we are building our relations and how confidentially we will carry them out,”

“The countries are enjoying big economic opportunities, of which a wide range of issue they are solving today and will solve tomorrow, thereby opening a real chance for ordinary people. I am sure that our mutual visits give such a chance,”
Interesting to note that Karimov thinks there is more than one kind of democracy. From a western perspective, this is like saying there is more than one kind of truth, more than one kind of the color black, more than one kind of the color white. It is also interesting to note that he considers the "western form" as being not compatible to the Muslim faith.

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