Sunday, March 26, 2006

Я люблю Нью-Йорк

Slavs of New York! Just a quick note to readers and Russophiles - I've added the Slavs of New York! blog to the blogroll to the right. I had been familiar with the journal for a while now, just kept forgetting to add it. Slavs of New York! is a much more active site, than the rather static websites such as Russian America ring (Russian Boston, for instance rarely has any new Russian or Slavic events listed, other than some dance clubs - I doubt Russian New York is any better). The Slavs of New York! blog fills a much-needed gap for Russian-Americans and Russophiles and does a rather good job of keeping up with Slavic events in New York City. There should definitely be something like this for Chicago (at the very least) and some other US cities as well.

Some other recommendations for new links that I've added the last few days include
Languor Management's blog - a Russophile blog with an emphasis on Soviet and Russian literature. I also added the visually amazing 12 Months (or more) in the Middle Kingdom Blog (British/Australian ex-pat in China, photography-based blog).

I've shuffled around the blog-roll and links to try to keep them in some sort of orderly fashion that at least makes sense to me (if not to anyone else).

I've added a Slide Show (by Slide) for photos from my trips, and other Russian photos that I've collected. I'm tempted to just delete the Flickr badge, as I think the Slide Show will tease more people into browsing photographs.

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