Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beware the Russian Trojan Hearse

Trojan Horse? Researchers Warn of Trojan Hearse

PC World has an article warning of a new type of malicious software (malware) "rootkit.hearse" which uses rootkit cloaking techniques to hide on computer systems. Once the program is on your system, it steals user names and passwords and sends the data to a server in Russia.

According to the article, the malware has apparently been in operation since March 16th. Rootkit.hearse uses the same kind of cloaking techniques made infamous by Sony BMG Music Entertainment's XCP (Extended Copy Protection) rootkit software, making it hard to find, according to Sana's chief technology officer, Vlad Gorelik. Currently only 5 of the 24 security products offered by Sana Security are even able to detect the malware in question.
As of today, the Russian server had stored about 35,000 unique user names and log-ins that could be used on about 7000 different Web sites, including banking, auction, and social networking sites, Gorelik said.

Sana informed the Russian Internet service provider for the site in question yesterday, Gorelik said. Sana declined to name that ISP. As of this morning, the Russian site was still operational, he said.
I'll spare the remainder of the technical details, anyone interested can read the article linked above.

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