Wednesday, March 08, 2006

С 8 Марта!

So, we are having one more holiday here which means that the whole country stops working. Basically, everything didn't work the day before the 8th of march and wouldn't work tomorrow also, I am sure.

What is this day about?
It all started when one woman named Klara Zetkin with a not-so-pleasant appearance who lived in Germany decided that it was a high time for women to fight for their rights and against exploiters. She organized a detachment and they decided to appoint one day that would be the birthday of the Women Proletariat. Oh, she was also crazy about Lenin and had even written some memoirs about her conversations with him.

Anyway, since that time this holiday was celebrated in the former USSR as Women's day and was declared International (not that I've heard that it was celebrated somewhere else other than in my country). We still celebrate it even now for several reasons:

  1. It is a beginning of Spring
  2. It is another reason to eat and to drink too much.
  3. You don't have to go to work
  4. For men: a way to remember that they are galant and gentlemen
  5. For women: a chance to remember they are women.

Rules of celebrating

ideal variant:
Happy father and kids wake up earlier than their Mom, cook her a nice breakfast, bring it to bed, present her flowers and gifts, clean the house, walk the dog, even bring out the trash to the trash container, cook dinner and celebrate with other members of the family.

The real thing:
Woman wakes up first, walks the dog, cooks a breakfast for the whole family, then cleans the house as guests are going to come later on that day, cooks the dinner. And then the guests come. Women start to " exchange" their presents, usually some useless things. Guests leave - woman remains to wash dishes. Sometimes, men do it if they are still able to after the party.

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Anonymous said...

That's so true! Very funny and interesting entry about Women's Day.