Saturday, March 25, 2006

360 Virtual Reality Panorama's of St. Petersburg Ice Palace

360 VR panoramas of Ice Art: Ice Palace Event, February-March 2006, St. Petersburg.

I wish I had happened upon this sooner, but still felt it was cool enough to share. Actually, they are incredibly cool - not as good as being there - but much cheaper! You can literally move in and out, up and down, and almost through these images. It is really quite a nice bit of virtual tourism.

A replica of the original Ice Palace from 1740 has been mounted on Dvortzovaja Ploschtjad near Hermitage Palace by the team of 14 ice-art masters led by famous ice-sculptor from St. Petersburg, Valerij Gromov (

The replica has been build according to the original descriptions of Prof. G.Kraft from St.Petersburg Academy of Science which worked with original project 1740. This event was dedicated to the victory in Turkish war. Ice building on Dvortzovaja Ploschtjad was in these times part of carnival tradition. Ice art belongs also the Russian national tradition. In XVIII Century Russian ice artists worked systematically with design plans and drawings for ice sculptures and buildings.
Other panoramas on the page include the White Nights 24-Hour Powerboat Race, 2 July 2005, St.Petersburg; Sweden's National Day event in St.Petersburg; The Savior on Spilled Blood; The Dvortzovaja Square; Dvortzovyj Park; Marmurnoj Palace; Petropavlovskaja Fortress; Tzarskoje Selo, The Catherine Palace; Castles on the Narva Border; and St. Nicholas Church, Tallinn, Estonia. The other panos are quite nice, although they dont present quite as large on your screen as the ice palaces.

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