Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Woman's Touch for Car Repair

A Woman's Touch for Car Repair I rather liked this article by Anna Smolchenko at Moscow Times. Not a particularly serious topic, but definitely shows that the times are changing in Moscow (and Russia). I'm always rather surprised at the number of Russian women who don't drive at all. Katja is going through the lengthy process of trying to obtain a drivers license legitimately. You can only drive with a permit with a registered driving instructor, unlike the US where any licensed driver can teach you how to drive. My understanding is that if you don't wish to go through a driving school and take the official written and road driving tests, a little bit of grease can make the wheels turn smoother ...

The Scarlet website is here, for those who are curious or in need of car repair in Moscow. She also does automobile rentals, which might be handy for anyone travelling to Moscow. I'd say Ms. Bushuyeva is a formidable business woman ... at least from the first glance.

I thought it was interesting that Marina Bushuyeva selected the name Scarlet from "Gone with the Wind". This is one of Katja's favorite movies as well ... so much so that she named her dog Rhett.

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