Saturday, February 25, 2006

Russian National Ballet on Tour

I happened to read that the Russian National Ballet performance of Swan Lake will be on tour in my area (New England) in April/May of 2006. I know of performances scheduled for: I am sure there will be other dates and times across the country. I would encourage anyone who is interested to check out Ticketmaster in your area for times and dates.
The Russian National Ballet Theatre was founded with the help and support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The necessity to have a young, promising and vibrant theatre with a unique potential in both kinds of dance, Classical and Modern, was the main reason for its foundation. Talent and devotion to Art is its major principal. This is supported by the outstanding talent and devotion of the celebrated masters of the Russian ballet, such as, People's Artist of the USSR Professor Igor Moiseev, People's Artist of Russia Professor R. Stuchkova, People's Artist of USSR M. Lavrovsky, People's Artist of USSR Y. Vladimirov and others.

The Russian National Ballet Theatre has given ballet a new lease of life. The theatre's repertoire includes not only classical performances such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Scotland Suite, Don Quixote and Gala Concert, but also modern ballets to music of Mozart, Bach, Ravel and others. The company numbers more than 35 ballet dancers, and is the result of the pain staking search for dedicated and talented dancers. A great effort has gone into providing the correct atmosphere and conditions in which to develop and perfect the artists' mastery and creative research.

The company's main soloists are :

Honoured Artist of Russia M. Bogdanova, E. Berezina, O. Pavlova and Prize winners of International ballet competitions M. Romanov, K. Pavinskaya, N. Ivanova, S. Kkaoukov, J. Usin, and others.

The General Director of the theatre is the Honoured Artist of Russia and soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, Vladimir Moiseev. The Ballet's Artistic Director is the Honoured Artist of Russia Evgeny Amosov. The theatre's soloists were invited to perform principal roles in the leading theatres of Russia, Italy, Spain, Japan, USA, Mexico, Australia, South Korea and China.

The major creative principal and direction of the theatre is, not only careful preservation of the Russian Classical ballet school, but also the development of the never ending search for new forms of choreographic expressiveness, discovering new models of direction and possibilities of dance.