Monday, February 06, 2006

Putin to Fund Ski Resort for Russia's Rich

Independent Online Edition > Europe - "Putin to fund ski resort for Russia's rich"
Nice little news article on the Russian government developing a ski resort. I seem to recall that this place is one of Putin's favorites (he has a house in Krasnaya Polyana, or so I have read).

Is it just me, or does this seem like government spending to line one's own pockets?

Further, as pointed out in the article:
In January, the government approved a £6.5bn plan to upgrade Sochi's second-rate infrastructure and turn it into a year-round holiday resort. As the liberal Novaya Gazeta newspaper pointed out with not a little disapproval, this amount is more than 10 times what the Kremlin intends to spend on developing education this year and more than five times what it plans to spend on healthcare.

Seems if I were Russian, this would really p*ss me off.

I'm expecting Konstantin to jump on this, telling me how the Western Media has it all wrong again, and this ski resort is really all privately financed and will help orphaned children or something.

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