Monday, February 20, 2006

Nochnoi Dozor (ne Pozor) - Opening Weekend in the US

Nochnoi Dozor (Night Watch) was released by Fox Searchlight films in three cities (New York, San Francisco, and LA) over the weekend. According to
... the Russian blockbuster ... grossed over $100 thousand its opening weekend, a decent average of $36.7 thousand. It will expand into more cities over the next few weeks.
It goes into wider release into 35 venues in nine more cities this Friday. I'll be keeping my eyes open for it in the Boston area - if for nothing else than to say that I saw it on the big screen. As of right now, it isn't scheduled for release in this area. I watched it long ago, having downloaded it on the 'net. (I feel no guilt in this). It is likely that the film won't be a huge success here, not on the scale that it was in Russia, but still it is the first Russian film in a several years that has generated some buzz here in the US (last one being Russian Ark in 2002). For the record, Rotten Tomatoes gives it mixed reviews.

More interesting to me is a Fangoria interview with Sergei Lukyanenko, author of the Nochnoi Dozor series of books. I won't pull quotes from the interview - Reprint or Reproduction of Any Material In Part or in Whole is Strictly Forbidden - but it is interesting to note that Mr. Lukyanenko is wearing a Komsomolskaya Pravda t-shirt. For the Sci-Fi curious, a bibliography of Mr. Lukyanenko's work can be found on Wikipedia.

Update 3/1/2006: After it's opening weekend in multiple US cities, Night Watch has posted gross sales of $335,389. That comes to an average of about $6,092 per theater, which is actually quite good. Currently it is only being shown in 34 theaters across the US. For those interested, you can chart it's progress each weekend at this link.


curson said...

I've it in DVD (russian version) since quite a time, and I watch it over and over again from time to time. Indeed, it has not been a great success even here in Italy, but I liked it :)
I haven't read the book yet, even if I have already bought it, my friends say it's way better than the movie itself.

bye :)

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