Thursday, February 23, 2006

Happy 23rd of February for all men!

23rd of February as a holiday first appeared in 1918 as a Birthday of the Red Army and a celebration of Victory over the German troops near Narva and Pskov. Since that time it was celebrated as a Day of Red Army and only since 1946 it was re-named into the day of Red Army and the Navy. The Day of Protectors of the Motherland.

Since that time this holiday has mostly converted into a Holiday for all the men in Russia, as they felt that it was unfair that women have a holiday on the 8th of March and get all the presents and flowers.

Some numbers about this holiday:

  • 73% think that this Holiday is extremely important.
  • 67% think that our Army can protect us

In 2002 it were 59% who thought that way. Since 2002 the amount of people who are absolutely sure that our country is well protected had risen in 2,5 times ( data according to

So, to all the men, no matter what country are they from - Happy Holiday!
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David Wilson said...

thats great! i will mark it for next year, gets around the feminist agenda with a reference to 'mother' and everything, excellent, thanks