Sunday, February 26, 2006

Forbes Ranks Russia Low for Investors - High for Business Trips

The Nations Most Hospitable To Investors - Moscow Times has recently reported the February 3rd Forbes Magazine article ranking nations as hospitable for investors. Russia ranked near the bottom of this listing (103 of 135 nations ranked). Per the Moscow Times article, reasons cited include:
A weak banking system, lack of trust in state institutions and corruption were ... reasons for Russia's poor ranking. The main bright point for Russia is its relatively low corporate tax rate, Forbes said.

"While trade and GDP growth are comparable with the likes of China, corruption heavily weighs Russia down," Jack Gage, Forbes associate editor and a co-author of the report...
I am sure there will be some happy Russian blog-troll (I can't imagine who) that will cite corruption in the US - particularly in light of the Enron fiasco and the Jack Abramoff scandal - and try to imply that corruption in Russia is no worse than the US, and that this is another example of unfair Western media bashing of Russia.

Please. Save your breath.

While corruption is difficult to quantify, you will not find seminars in the US explaining how to deal with corrupt bureaucrats - as you will in Russia. I've never spoke or met with a Russian who didn't cite corruption as a problem, and make some black jokes about the topic.

Conversely (and perhaps perversely) Forbes also Ranks
Moscow as one of its top 16 Business Trip destinations. Forbes rather shallowly writes of Moscow:
Moscow: Take a private tour of the Kremlin

Touring the Kremlin with a private guide may be more expensive than going it alone, but it's worth your time and money to avoid getting lost among the palaces and cathedrals, not to mention gain a better understanding of the site's significance in Moscow's history. The tour will take about three hours and costs $30 per hour, but you won't waste time standing in line: the guide will escort you through the fast way. The concierge at the Metropol Hotel, one of the city's oldest and grandest--and located a short walk away, will be able to arrange tours.

Where to stay: Nightly room rates start at $420 at the Metropol Hotel. For more information, call 011 7 499 501 78 00 or visit
So, to summarize .. the advice from Forbes is to go blow your money on an over-rated hotel and tour in Moscow ... conduct some business exploration for the tax right-off ... but God forbid, don't really invest your money. I guess I should be thankful that they didn't cite casinos and strippers as a reason to visit Moscow ... No wonder the impression of America is in decline in Russia ...
PS ~ Forbes also ranks Russian Chechnya as one of its top 16 most dangerous places to visit.


Daut said...
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W. Shedd said...

I would never call someone a troll for a simple disagreement. Someone has to take it to another level, to deserve troll status. Blatant contrariness - baiting of topics - veiled insults (while blaming for retaliatory remarks) ... these things make someone a TROLL. And the party in question brings absolutely nothing to the table other than this. I mean, seriously - anyone who starts a topic that suggests that HIV =X=> AIDS is only looking to be a troll. Plain and simple. Particularly where they are not working in the medical field themselves.

Anyone who cuts and pastes remarks from your blog, into his blog - without the courtesy of a remark or comment - taking remarks out of context ... to give them a meaning you never suggested or implied .. is clearly a troll.

The fact that I could merely mention TROLL - and you and I ... we both KNEW who I was thinking of - suggests the definition fits very well.

I am perfectly willing to discuss my limitations and misunderstandings of Russian culture in a polite forum - particularly where I might learn perspective or information. I am VERY open to this. I feel I still have much to learn. But I lose respect for someone who tows a party-line, washes balls, and suggests that everyone else, even his own countrymen - are misinformed. I would not do this for George Bush, I don't expect an intelligent Russian to carry water for Vladimir Putin.

I appreciate what you are trying to tell me - but still, I think the person in question is simply a troll. I would be glad to discuss this in other fashion ... even with the troll in question.

Daut said...

Ok, I will repost, so Wally's comment makes sense. I said something like "I don't think it is fair to call Kostya a troll because he disagrees with you."

Megan Case said...

I agree with Wally. And if the troll in question isn't on the Kremlin payroll, he should be.

Adi said...

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